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The Allen Gardiner River Cruise Restaurant is also available for private charter customised cruises to suit your own personal requirements.


Allen Gardiner is available for Tailored breakfast, lunch, sunset cruises or  dinner cruises shorter or extended cruises.

  • Happy hour events.
  • After-work get-togethers.
  • Board meetings.
  • Interviews.
  • Christmas office parties.
  • With mains power it is also an ideal venue for corporate or club presentations.

Phone us to discuss your requirements.

Private Charters

If you wish to hire the boat privately for just your group a whole boat private charter  for either the lunch, supper or dinner cruises then please be  aware that if your number are less than the full 12 passengers that there is a supplementary charge.

A supplementary charge of £20 is charged for every empty seat ( this is to cover not being able to sell food and drink to the passengers missing ) .

So as an example :

If you wish to have a private charter of 8 passengers then the supplementary charge would be an additional £80 ( 4 empty seats x £20 )  this is on top of paying for the whole boat. 

12 x £25 = £ 300  plus  £80 empty seat charge/suplement = £380

Basically you are paying for the privilege of having empty seat.

The breakfast cruise you will be paying for the whole 12 spaces.

If you are unsure of the charges please do REQUEST A QUOTE

Please note seasonal variances apply.